Aluminum Peels

Our goal has been to utilize the highest grade materials available to manufacture premium products with a usable life that favors the user.

  • Mr. Peel aluminum peels outlast competing peels 3:1
  • Our patented design provides maximum durability
  • Flush Stainless Steel aircraft fastners replace aluminum rivets
  • Hardwood handles
  • Custom handle lengths available
  • Approved by National Consumer Testing Lab
  • Packaged 6/carton

Aluminum Pizza Paddles/Peels

The first low-cost quality rivetless Bakers Peel made of a one piece metal blade epoxied to an aluminum tube permanently attached to a hardwood handle. No rivets to break or metal to bend as other peels are known to do—this pizza peel is made to LAST.

ModelBladeWood HandleSizePrice
M-PP-241212”x12”7.5”25” OA$37.80
M-PP-361212”x12”16.5”33.5” OA$42.00

Signature Long Handled Peel

Part #BladeHandleOverallWeight (per 6)List Price Ea.
12”x14”23”40”9 lb$82.50
144214”x16”23”42”11 lb$85.40
164416”x18”23”44”13 lb$88.00

*Weights are approximate and represent product only

Signature Short Handled Peel

Part #BladeHandleOverallWeight (per 6)List Price Ea.
122612”x14”9.25”26”6 lb$79.50
142814”x16”9.25”28”8 lb$81.25
163016”x18”9.25”30”10 lb$84.25

*Weights are approximate and represent product only

Pizza Stack

System to hold pizza peels or pans. Can be used as a holding rack for pies ready for boxing or dining. Holds wooden peels from 8” to 24”. Can be mounted to wall, or oven. Free standing units available upon request. 1 Year Warranty on Parts. Made in Italy.

ModelBoard CapacityLoaded WeightDimensions WxHNet WeightPrice
PS 66 peels38 lb.2.8”x21”2 lb.$450.00
PS 99 peels65 lb.2.8”x29”3.5 lb.$550.00
PS 1212 peels90 lb.2.8”x41”5 lb.$650.00